Lizzo loses weight after taking the world title

Lizzy Luzzi has a new love: food.

The 34-year-old former UFC champion and UFC commentator has been a huge supporter of veganism for a number of years, but now she has turned her focus to weight loss and her weight.

Luzzi told TMZ on Tuesday that her life has been “turned upside down” after she became vegan, and that she is now losing 10-12 pounds per week.

“I was always a vegan but I had to do it because I was too overweight to live healthy,” Luzzo said.

“Now I’m at about 12-13 pounds per month.

I feel so much better.”

Luzzo, who currently competes in the UFC’s main card of UFC Fight Night: Cormier vs. Aldo on Dec. 4, was one of the most prominent athletes to endorse the cause earlier this year, and has since become a vocal proponent for the cause.

Luffa/Getty ImagesLizzy, who also competed in the WEC in 2016, was also a vocal supporter of the fight to end the “fear and ignorance” around the issue of meat and dairy consumption in the sport.

Lizzo said her decision to embrace veganism was not a “quick fix” and that her eating habits had changed since becoming vegan.

“When I started doing veganism, I felt so bad,” Lizzi said.

“The first couple of months, I didn’t want to do any exercise.

Now I’m eating meat a lot more, but not every day.””

I don’t think I would have been so positive if I had stayed away from meat.

Now I’m eating meat a lot more, but not every day.”

Lizzi also weighed in on the recent controversy surrounding an online “vegan” Facebook group called “Lizza’s Kitchen.”

Luzzis comments came after she shared a picture of a picture she had recently taken of her daughter on her phone while the group was active, which led to an online uproar over the group’s name.

The picture was taken while Lizza and her daughter were on a trip to Japan, where she had spent her first summer as a vegan.

Lizzs daughter, named Lizzyn, was not in the picture, and Lizzie said that Lizzys family and the restaurant she works for had been unaware of the picture until she shared it.

“This has caused so much controversy, and I don’t want it to be like that,” Lizzy said.