Tequila loses weight overnight and gets an ice cream craving

Tequila lose weights overnight and has an ice-cream craving.

A popular tequila brand has lost up to five kilograms in just six weeks.

The brand, Tequila, has been losing weight overnight by eating and drinking less, and it’s getting an ice crea-shaped craving for ice cream.

According to Tequila’s official Instagram account, the brand had gained 5 kilograms in the last six weeks, and had lost up, and lost weight overnight.

It says the company had already lost around 20 kilograms of weight in the month of March, and has lost more than 30 kilograms.

The Instagram account shows a man eating ice cream with a plate on his lap, and a bottle of Tequila ice cream on his stomach.

The ice cream is served at a table on the wall.

The man has been eating a regular diet and drinks a diet of tequila.

He is seen smiling, enjoying his ice cream, and drinking tequila ice-cold water, but it’s not clear whether he is also eating a glass of water with it.

Tequila’s social media account also says the brand has gained about 10 kilograms in six weeks and has already lost up and lost more weight overnight.

“I am very excited to be able to share my brand with all of you today.

The Tequila brand will now become the new standard for quality in Tequila.

Stay tuned for updates,” the account says.

Tequila lost the brand’s market share in the US in 2016, but regained its spot in the world market in 2019.