Peter loses weight and loses weight clip art,dns lose weight

In a recent video from Peter, who is a fitness enthusiast, he describes his recent weight loss as “a big achievement.”

He also describes the challenge he faced while losing weight.

Peter explains in the video that he used to weigh around 250lbs, but now he weighs in at around 175lbs.

He said that his family was supportive, but that they had to push him to get his body to where it was.

“It took a lot of struggle, and some tough decisions, to lose that weight,” Peter said.

“But I know it was worth it.”

The family had to move away from their home in Australia because of Peter’s weight gain, but he’s not giving up on his weight loss goals.

He has a “couple of years” left on his Australian passport, but will be traveling to New Zealand and the U.K. to further his weight-loss goals.