‘The Man’ loses some weight: Cycling’s Jokic

Cycling’s first ever man loses some pounds and keeps his shape with a new workout plan.

Jokic, 24, who has been out of action since the Tour Down Under, made a triumphant return to the bike on Monday, just days after undergoing successful surgery on his neck to repair a torn tendon in his neck that required surgery in October 2016.

His trainer told Cyclingnews that Jokics diet is now in line with what he was used to before he got the surgery.

“He’s very, very lean and is on a diet, but also he’s very focused,” said coach Tim Van der Meer.

“I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Jokics fitness was a big part of the plan, as his doctor said he had gained a significant amount of weight over the last 12 months and needed to shed as much as 20kg.

After the Tour, Van der Meders father said his son had no idea what he’d become but he had learned to live with the weight loss and would be “back to normal” in just a few months.

“The weight is off and he’s on his own,” he said.

“He’s really enjoying his new routine and doing well with it.”

We’re working really hard to get him back to the level that he was when he got back.

“Hopefully in the future, he’ll be able to do this all year round.”

In the future he will be able do this year round.

“Jakub Mareczka, who also trained Joktic, said the plan worked.”

It was a lot of work, but it was also the best thing that we could do,” Mareczk said.”

Jokica was so much more relaxed, he’s so energetic, and he is so much better now than he was at the start of the season.

“He added: “I think the biggest thing was, he was so focused and had a lot more energy.

“In fact, Jokovic’s weight loss is almost entirely down to diet.

Van der Meers nutritionist, Dr Michael Van der Mee, said: “It was one of the most difficult things that we’ve ever had to do for him.”

There were times when he’d say, ‘I need to lose weight.'”

But when we said, ‘What do you need to do?’ he was really happy to go through it.

“Dr Van dermeers diet was a combination of a vegan diet, which he said was very easy to follow, plus an intensive exercise program.”

What we’re doing now is really high intensity training,” he explained.”

You have to do something, or you won’t be able.

We try to get the most out of him, but there’s no easy answer.

“Joks diet has also been based around the idea of getting his energy back.

Van Der Meers diet is designed to get his energy up and keep him on track, which means the dieter also has to take care of the rest of his body.”

If you don’t get your energy up, then you won.

If you don, then it’s a lot easier to stop,” he added.

Joks body is also more flexible now than when he first started the diet.”

With the weight off, I feel better.

Now I can get to my next stage,” he told CyclingNews.

Jakob Mareczkas diet also focuses on improving his overall fitness and performance.”

His overall fitness is great.

I think his power and speed are also very good,” Marechka said.

Mareczka added that Joks training regime was a good mix of training and diet.

He’s very energetic, he can run very fast, he doesn’t eat too much. “

But with him it was really good.

Van der Mareczks wife, Anna, agreed with him. “

The last few days he’s had to eat a lot and his appetite is up.”

Van der Mareczks wife, Anna, agreed with him.

“I am very happy with what I’ve seen,” she said.

Jos diet has been based on a vegan and vegetarian diet, as well as intensive exercise.

Van de Merck said he also has worked with the man to find a way to work out together, which has also helped.

“When you see Joki, he has a very good appetite,” he admitted.

“We work on the diet together, he goes for a long run and he does a lot in the morning.”

But also he works out at home, and we spend a lot on the fitness part of it.

“It’s very different.

He just does a great job of staying fit.”