How to stop losing weight and get better health

The best ways to lose weight and improve health can be found in the latest edition of The FADER: The Power of Diet and Nutrition.

Join me as I dive deep into the science behind how to lose body fat and improve your health.

The FADERS’ latest edition, which is available on both iTunes and Kindle, takes you step by step through the process of eliminating unwanted weight and improving your health, and I have been impressed by the depth of research and insight the authors have offered.

If you are new to the FADers’ approach to nutrition, I encourage you to read the previous edition of this book.

I recommend checking it out as well as my review of the book.

In this latest edition the authors take a closer look at the effects of low-carb diets on the health of individuals, the effects on cardiovascular disease, and the effect of low fat diets on cardiovascular health.

These are all topics that I believe have been overhyped in the popular media, and it is important to understand how these diets can help you lose weight.

This edition is divided into two parts.

Part I includes a comprehensive review of all the research, as well a review of published articles, as it pertains to health and diet.

This part is available for free to all who sign up for a account, and includes the entire book.

The rest of the material in this section is not included in the free section, and is a must-read for those interested in diet and health.

I also encourage you, dear reader, to check out the previous FADEScience book, The Fader’s Guide to Fat Loss, and get yourself acquainted with some of the best research in the field.

If that isn’t enough for you, then The Faders latest edition is available to purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play. 

The book also comes with a print edition, but I recommend purchasing the PDF version, because the format is cleaner, and because the content is more detailed and readable.