How to lose weight optimally: 10 tricks

A new study finds the biggest losers weigh in at 9lbs and lose an average of 11lbs over the course of the year.

The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Edinburgh, suggests the key to losing weight optimistically is to keep eating and exercising regularly and avoid dieting altogether.

“We found that losing weight is a matter of getting your daily intake of food and water under control,” said lead researcher Dr Ian Kilduff.

“There’s a number of strategies to do that including eating well, keeping track of calories, exercising and eating more.”

However, most people who lose weight do so on their own, often for reasons unrelated to the advice we give them.

“It was the results of this research that prompted Dr Kilduffs to think of a more efficient way to lose the weight.”

When we looked at the most obese people, we found that the dieters were generally healthier,” he said.”

In fact, we saw that dieters who were obese lost a higher proportion of body fat compared to the dieter who was lean.

“This suggests that it’s not just dieters that are unhealthy, but it’s also dieters in general who are unhealthy.”

People who are obese or obese in general tend to be more overweight and this is because of what we call the ‘fattening effect’ which means people with higher body mass index are less likely to eat properly and exercise regularly.

“Dr Kilduf said the results were similar to what he had seen in other studies that looked at how weight loss is achieved.”

Our results showed that dieting and exercise are two effective strategies to reduce body fat,” he added.”

These two strategies have been shown to have different impacts on weight loss and weight maintenance, so we can’t rule out the possibility that these two strategies could be working together.

“Dr Ian KILDUFF is a research associate at the Institute of Clinical and Economic Medicine at the University, Edinburgh.

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