How to lose weight and live longer

With obesity and diabetes becoming more prevalent in the U.S., there are more people looking to lose a few pounds and live healthier lives.

But there’s a catch: the only way to do that is to be a regular dieter and stick to a strict, low-fat, low carb diet.

That’s the message from a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study involved over 100,000 people, and it looked at how they got the weight off.

It’s a big study, but the authors did find that the participants who ate the strict diet did lose weight at a faster rate than those who were allowed to eat more of what they wanted.

The researchers say that’s a “potentially big deal” and that it could lead to weight loss, diabetes and a longer life.

Here are some of the key findings:In the study, the researchers found that those who followed a strict diet lost an average of 9.4 pounds over the course of six years.

Those who ate more of the diet lost 6.3 pounds more than those that didn’t.

But the results varied by state and by age.

Those eating more of a low-carb diet lost about 8 pounds less over the same period, while those eating less of a high-carb, low fat diet lost a whopping 21 pounds more.

What’s more, those who had a “regular diet” lost an estimated 16 pounds more over the study period.

This is good news, as the study found that this is the most common type of diet to lose, and that these people tend to be in better health than those eating more low-sugar, low carbohydrate diets.

The study also found that the study participants who followed the diet also lost more body fat, which is something that has been previously linked to a longer lifespan.

People who follow a diet that includes a moderate amount of carbs tend to have more muscle than those with a more high-fat diet, which means that if they want to maintain a healthy weight, they need to eat less fat.

While this study is still in its early stages, there are plenty of people who are already cutting out a lot of sugar and other processed foods from their diets.

If you’re looking to get a few extra pounds off your weight, here are some tips for losing the pounds: