Dina Lainys weight loss: ‘I was always overweight’

The mother of a seven-year-old girl who has been losing weight says she was never overweight and never considered a health risk.

Ms Lainy says she and her husband were overweight before their daughter, Dina, was born, and she tried to stop it.

“She would have her mum to sit on the side of the bed,” Ms Lainey said.

“Her mum would put her on the floor and she would lean over and lean back a little bit.”

And her mum would have to take her off the bed and sit on it.

I would be on the opposite side of that and then I’d go over to sit and that’s when she would be overweight.

“It was a very unhealthy lifestyle, so we did a lot of weight-loss and exercise.”

In 2010, the family moved to a new state and had to move into a nursing home.

“I didn’t think I would have a child at that stage,” Ms Leynys said.

Dina’s mother says she would try to get her out of bed, sit on a stool, and push a cartwheel up the stairs to her daughter.

“We would have dinner in the kitchen,” Ms Mays said.

She said Dina was very active, but the family’s diet was not consistent.

“My husband and I had tried everything to make sure that we were getting the best nutrition, but that didn’t work,” Ms Laillys said, adding that their diet was unhealthy.

“The only way to control that was to get into the weight loss programme, which meant taking the supplements, which was very difficult.”

She said their daughter was not on the “good” side of weight, but was not in need of special dieting.

“Our daughter was overweight, so she was overweight but not at the level that I was overweight,” Ms Lamineys said of her daughter, who is now a healthy weight of about 170 kilograms (250 pounds).

“I thought she was going to be the same as me.”

The couple said the family tried to do their best to give their daughter the best care, and that it was very hard at the time.

“As a parent you have to go through this.

You’re not always going to get a good outcome, but I knew what I was doing was right,” Ms Rynys Ms Lains said.’

It was really hard’When Dina’s parents moved to NSW, the couple’s son, Daniel, started attending classes at the University of New South Wales.

“Daniel came to our house on the weekend and I would drive him out there,” Ms Maileys said with a laugh.

“He had never been in school before.

He was a little scared but he had never had an issue.”

Then I’d get him home, we’d talk, and he would sit in his seat and I’d sit on his lap.

“But he was just so happy, he was such a bubbly kid.”

Mr Lains’ daughter was a healthy, active girl.

But as her weight started to increase, he became frustrated.

“One day he said, ‘Dina, do you know you’re pregnant?’, and she said, “I’m pregnant’.””

It’s really hard, I’ve just never felt like it,” Ms Pannell said.”[He said] ‘DINA, you know what?

You’ve just got to take it easy, I’ll let you go and let Daniel go.’

“She said she felt like Dina wasn’t taking enough time to lose weight.”

What did I tell her?

I told her it’s a baby,” Ms Sailly said.

Ms Rynks said she took Dina to the GP, who found out that the weight was causing problems for her health.”

They told me I should get on the diet.

I didn’t want to, I didn, I’m a woman,” Ms Sarrill said.

In the end, Ms Rins said she was not able to go on a weight-reduction programme for Dina because she felt it was too much.”

Dina said she wanted to be on her own, but her parents didn’t know that,” Ms Dinnelly said.

The family has since decided to move to the Sunshine Coast, where Ms Laminys said she now lives with her husband.