How to lose weight and stay thin: Flexitarian

A fitness trainer who gained weight by eating a “flexitarian” diet has lost his slimming weight.

Geraldine Loughlin, 58, a retired mother of two, lost nearly three stone from her waist to her hips and thigh in just six months after adopting the diet.

Ms Loughlyn, a father of two from Dublin, said she would eat “a lot of pizza” and drink “a ton of water” in an effort to lose her weight.

She said she had become “quite overweight” and was “worried about the size of my waist”.

“I’d go out to the bar and order a pint of beer or a pint and a half of vodka and just drink and feel a little bit better, but I still couldn’t take it off.”

I was a very skinny woman but I was a bit overweight and I was worried about it and I’d just start to see it on my body.

“That was a good thing because it helped me see what I needed to change.”

If I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t have had a body that I was happy with.

“Ms Laghlin said she was not overweight but had a “huge amount of fat” and had had to lose an extra eight stone in the past three years to maintain her slender frame.

She lost weight on the Flexitarian diet, which involves eating a range of small meals and drinking water in moderation.”

It’s a very, very low calorie diet,” she said.”

The food I eat is a lot less than the food I consume.

“Ms Kildare resident Ms Loughlins daughter, who is a nurse, said it was a “good diet” and “a great way of losing weight”.”

You don’t have to go out and get lots of pizzas, but if you’re going to be in the gym, you’re not going to need to get as many calories,” she added.”

You can drink a ton of beer and you can drink water and you won’t feel like you’re wasting anything.

“They’re all great things.”

She added: “You don.t have to eat a ton and drink a lot.

You can eat what you want, drink what you need, and feel good.”

Ms Haughey, a dietitian who works in Dublin, added that the Flexitar diet is “very helpful” and it has “really helped with my weight”.

She said: “There is no one-size-fits-all diet.

You have to find what works for you and the Flexitarian diet really does work for me.”

We have a very strict regime, which is quite strict.

“There are no carbs and there are no sugar, but you are eating a lot of food.”

All the other stuff is a bit of a mystery.

“But I love it.”

Ms Bessie, who works as a nurse in Kildaren, added: ‘Flexitar diet works for me’After adopting the Flexarian diet, she lost her first 10 stone in two months, but it was only her second one to go.

Ms Haughie added: “[I]t was quite a long time but it’s not really a problem.”

In fact, I’ve never lost more than six or seven stones in the last five years.

“Ms Poulter, a fitness coach who lives in Clondalkin, Co Tipperary, said the Flexi-Fit diet had helped her to lose about 20 stone in four months.

She added that she could not recommend the Flexivision diet, saying it was “a bit of an oxymoron”.”

We all need to find out what works best for us and it’s a bit like taking a test to see how much you’re capable of,” she told The Irish Sun.”

And you’re probably going to find you’re able to lose more than that.

“People who have been overweight for a long period of time are at a disadvantage, because they have a bit more to lose.”

So it’s great for someone who has never lost weight, but the Flexits will work for anyone who has.

“Ms Smedley, a nurse and coach, said: ‘We all lose weight’Health experts said the diet is effective and can be an effective way of reducing body fat.”

What it is is it’s very simple and very fast and that’s why it’s so successful for people who are overweight or obese,” said Dr Fiona Murphy, from Mayo Clinic, Mayo, Ireland.”

This is a simple diet which is not overly complicated and so it is not an extreme diet.””

People will benefit from it.

It is also very simple, it’s easy to follow and if you follow it well you can lose weight.

“Even if you start slowly you can pick up.”

Dr Murphy added that if you are overweight,