How to lose weight with yoga

FADHABAR (AFP) – A yoga teacher who lost a ton of weight by bending his body to yoga poses has revealed how it works.

Sangeeta Jokic lost 50kg by bending her back and waist while teaching yoga at the Bhopal-based Bharat Yoga College.

She said her body’s weight loss was not just about her body, but about the health of her mind and spirit.

“The idea behind the exercise is to take a person’s body into the world and change it, but also to take into consideration how much the body weighs,” she said.

“When I do yoga, I take my body into all aspects of life, not just my body, and I also take into account my mind and mindfulness.”

Yoga has a huge impact on my life and mind and I love it.

“She said she also tried to lose a lot of weight, and was surprised to discover how much it helped her lose weight.”

I did the yoga at my college.

I used to do yoga for five years before I came to Bhopals and it was a big challenge,” she added.”

Then I came back to my family and my parents said I must stop.

“But I kept doing it for years and I did my yoga at home.

I learnt a lot and it made me really strong.”

She started yoga for about six months at her college, and started performing it for other people.

“After I started doing yoga, my weight went down by about 20kg.

It was very satisfying and I was very happy.”

She also learned to do it without clothes, and found that it was very relaxing and good for her mind.

“It made me feel at peace and very free.

I don’t feel anxious or depressed,” she told AFP.”

In the end, it was not about my body weight.

It made me happy to be able to sit here and look around me.”

She has been taking part in yoga classes at the college since the beginning of this year.

“We are doing yoga to give our children a better environment and a better life.

The yoga has brought me a lot to the surface of my thoughts and emotions,” she explained.”

As soon as I started performing, I had a feeling of empowerment and happiness.”