How ‘The Biggest Loser’ Is Saving Life With a Diet

Man’s body is a living, breathing machine, and its only purpose is to serve us.

But what happens when the machine goes wrong?

Here’s a look at how ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ cast member Kiki Vandella has transformed her life and her health with a healthy, vegan diet. 

In December, Kiki met her husband, Steve Vandella, and she was so excited to tell him she was adopting a vegan diet, he offered to give her some money to go on it. 

“I thought it was a great idea, but I didn’t know if it was going to work,” Kiki told People. 

She didn’t think so, and after months of trying, she finally had the results she was looking for.

“I started to feel better, and I was able to do something I hadn’t done before.

It’s a lot of fun and it makes you happy,” Kaki told People, who said it helped her feel “a lot better.””

The Bigger Picture” on HGTV.

(ABC Family)In June, Koko went vegan on a weeklong shopping trip with her husband Steve.

They went to Target and picked up a vegan pizza, and Kiki and Steve made vegan versions of the products on their own, making them healthier, tastier and more affordable.

“This is a very personal journey for me,” Koko said.

“It was definitely a very humbling experience.” 

After Kiki had lost 25 pounds, she started to look more like her old self.

She even had a new tattoo on her arm, after getting a tattoo of the word “vegan” on her wrist for her birthday.

“Kiki’s been eating a plant-based diet for a few years now, and now she is going full-time,” Steve said in a statement to PEOPLE.

“Kiki is a wonderful example of a person who is thriving on her own.” 

“The Real Houses” cast members Kiki, Kandy, and Heidi Varela, on their new diet.

(Courtesy HGTV)Kiki says the change in her diet has helped her focus more on her family, work and her life.

“The new food I’m eating is not the same as what I used to eat,” she told PEOPLE.

“A lot of people think that veganism is only about being healthy, but it really means a lot to me to eat a plant based diet.

I’m going back to a place where I can actually make decisions that are good for my health, my family, my health and my community.””

I’m learning to appreciate the things that I enjoy in life more,” she said.