Cyclocross racer loses a little weight after training

Losing a little bit of weight has been a constant struggle for Michael Peloton, who won his first Cyclocros at the 2015 Worlds, and has continued to do so since.

After losing his first four Cyclocres to injury, Peloton decided to work on his conditioning and diet to help him keep on racing. 

His new diet and diet plan is pretty simple.

He is eating more veggies, fruits, and whole grains, and cutting down on processed foods and sugar.

Peloton says he has lost more than 2 pounds, which has been the result of the diet he followed.

“I really think it’s good to get leaner,” Peloton told Axios.

“As long as you stick to it, you’re going to feel good.

When you don’t stick to the diet, you’ll never feel good.”

Peloton’s diet has also given him a new perspective on the race track.

He has had a few different thoughts on the track, like how long he can expect to race.

“It’s like the last few years, and the track has been changing, so I’ve kind of grown up in the past year and a half and seen the track change,” Pelot said. 

He added that the biggest difference between the old and new track is the pace, which he said is much faster now. 

“You can get a lot of time on the bike at the same time,” Pelion said.

“In the old track, there was a lot more space to be able to go a little faster and that’s what I really like about it. 

Pelion, like many other athletes, has struggled with maintaining a consistent bodyweight, and said that his training plan has helped him stay on track. 

I was happy to be there,” Pelson said.””

Every race I went, I was feeling pretty good.

I was happy to be there,” Pelson said.”

Now I think it is a lot easier for me to maintain it.

I think I’ve gotten to a point where I can eat more vegetables and fruit and really eat healthy and keep on feeling great.” 

Pelo said that he has started to enjoy racing, and is now a lot closer to his goal.

He says that he can be competitive when he wants to be. 

While it’s easy to think about how hard it would be to lose weight, Pelon said that it’s actually not so hard at all.

“The only thing is, you have to really push yourself,” he said.