How to lose weight? Read

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made headlines recently for his efforts to boost the countrys weight loss program.

But he has yet to announce a specific plan for achieving this goal, and experts are divided over whether the program is effective at keeping weight off.

The government is considering a new initiative that could make weight loss a more effective strategy.

The new weight loss initiative is to be announced on April 12.

The plan is to include three different strategies, including a combination of diet and exercise, a combination with exercise, and a combination that combines both.

These strategies will be announced in the coming weeks.

First, the government plans to create a new program called the “health” program, which will be run by the health ministry, the Health Ministry said.

The health program will be designed to help Israelis lose weight and improve their health.

Second, the health Ministry is to work with the Israeli government on a program called “fat loss,” which will aim to help the population lose the fat that is built up in the body.

It is planned to be launched in early 2019.

Third, the ministry is to conduct a pilot program on the use of exercise to reduce weight and increase activity levels in the public sphere.

According to a government announcement, these three strategies will “strengthen our efforts in fighting obesity and improving health outcomes.”

The Health Ministry did not respond to a request for comment.

The Israeli government has made efforts to reduce obesity rates in the country in recent years, including the introduction of an obesity-fighting diet called the Kobi program, in which the country launched a nationwide campaign in 2015.

But Israel still has one of the highest obesity rates of any nation in the world.

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the prevalence of obesity in Israel is more than 20 percent.

Israel’s Ministry of Health has also launched a campaign called “Zion’s Weight Loss” to encourage people to lose a certain amount of weight in order to help them lose the weight on their own.

The country has also implemented various programs to improve health and social outcomes.

One of these initiatives, called the Weight Loss and Weight Management Initiative, aims to reduce the health care costs of obese people, and has even introduced a program in which Israelis can buy food that is more affordable to them.

The government is also considering creating a program for the public to help reduce the risk of becoming overweight, which would allow the public and private sectors to work together to make obesity less of a problem.

The program will also allow the government to work on reducing the number of hospitalizations that take place due to obesity.