How to lose weight using Reddit and a diet

It’s a common myth that Reddit users gain weight, but a new study suggests otherwise.

It was done by researchers at the University of Illinois and Cornell University.

Researchers found that Redditors who followed a diet had a lower BMI, or body mass index, than those who did not.

Reddit users also reported a greater desire to exercise and a greater likelihood of being physically active, the study found.

Researchers also found that dieting Redditors also had a greater decrease in their body mass.

Reddit’s user base is believed to be over 30 million, but the site’s administrators are currently investigating whether it has a correlation with weight gain.

The study, published in the Journal of Obesity, focused on how dieting affects weight loss.

Reddit is known for its large user base and for a large portion of the site being a place for people to exchange advice.

The site allows users to submit questions about dieting and exercise, which can then be answered by others.

The users are also able to ask other users for help, like when someone has lost weight, or when they are feeling unwell.

A recent survey by the website showed that Reddit has over 2 million subscribers, but it is unclear how many people actually use the site.

Reddit administrators have said that the site has no correlation with obesity.

The researchers also found the participants who did the dieting had a more positive outlook on their physical health, as well as greater motivation to exercise.

They also reported lower rates of depression, and higher levels of satisfaction with their lives, the researchers said.

In the future, Reddit could be used as a platform for people seeking help, the authors wrote.

The research was done at the U. of I. by a team of researchers from Cornell University and the University College Dublin.