Former British cyclist Peter Loehmann loses weight

Former British cycling champion Peter Lohmann has lost a staggering 565 pounds, according to the British Cycling Foundation.

Loehn is the latest in a string of former British cyclists to lose weight and shed 10 pounds in the last year.

Lohhn, who retired from professional cycling in 2014, will join a new team called the New England Cyclists, which is trying to increase participation among young riders.

“I’m really excited,” said Loehrman, a former British national team rider.

“It’s the biggest, most significant thing I’ve done in my life.”

He added that the team aims to increase the participation of under-18s, who are often underserved in cycling.

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to lose 10 pounds article Former national team cyclist Peter Peterson has lost 565lbs.

to shed 10lbs in the past year, according a new study.

Peterson, who won two Tour de France stages and five Grand Tours, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2014 and suffered from fatigue and fatigue-related illnesses for the last three years.

He also had severe bouts of depression, and suffered an aneurysm in a bike accident.

In April 2017, Peterson announced his retirement from cycling, saying he was no longer fit enough to compete in the Tour de San Luis and that he was “a little bit frustrated with myself and with cycling.”

In April 2018, he lost 5lbs.

and was declared cancer free.

“When you lose weight like that it takes a lot out of you, but at the same time it gives you an extra edge when you are doing something new and challenging,” Peterson said at the time.

“So it’s not just me, but I’ve lost 10lbs.

I’ve been doing a lot of cycling and that has definitely helped me with my recovery.”

Peterson said he’s looking forward to moving back to London, which he said is a good city to work out.

“We are both really excited to move back into a city that has lots of cycling, but it is also a very small city and it is not as big as it once was,” he said.

The team plans to introduce a new cycling course, which Peterson hopes will be open to the public in the summer of 2019.