How to Lose Weight in New Zealand

Peter lost a lot of weight when he moved to New Zealand.

Now, he is gaining it back, as he and his wife, Zion, are in the process of losing a large amount of weight.

“I am trying to lose a little more weight than I did when I moved here.

So, I was losing a little bit, I guess,” Peter said.”

And then when I started to get into my early 30s, I started seeing the doctor and I was getting really tired and I felt really bloated and then I started getting some food poisoning and I went to the hospital.””

So I started doing a lot more research and I came to the conclusion that maybe I should lose weight because I don’t think I am healthy anymore and I think I need to get a bit bigger.””

I’m actually feeling pretty good about my life now and I don�t feel that I need a lot to keep myself going, so I am just looking to get my weight back up and that�s what I have been doing.”

He said he would like to lose 20 kilograms a year, so he can be in shape to fight in the Olympics.

“The Olympics are an opportunity for people to put on weight and that is what I am doing.

I am not just looking for the Olympics, I am looking for a place to get stronger and I would like that to happen.””And I don��t know if I can do it but I want to make sure that I do it,” he said.

The new Zealand Olympic Team are in Rio and Peter said they are getting better and stronger each day.

“We have a good amount of good people and a great support system in the team and it�s great.

We are doing great and we are training hard and we will go out there and do our best.”