Man loses weight wallpaper for losing weight

Man loses his weight wallpaper is available for those who want to keep their weight loss goal.

The app allows users to add a weight loss wallpaper to their home screen.

The wallpaper has been created by a user who has lost a lot of weight.

The user has set a target weight loss of 10lbs and he is looking for the most popular wallpaper to have his wallpaper.

He said he would like to see a weight that will help him achieve his goal.

Man lost weight wallpaper will be available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play for those looking to lose weight.

Users can choose a theme, and choose a picture of themselves, or one of their friends, as their wallpaper.

They can also choose to have the wallpaper displayed when they log on to their Google+ page.

The man said the wallpaper was designed to help him stay motivated.

He added that the app helped him reach his goal weight, and he has no regrets about having it installed on his home screen, as he would rather keep his weight goal than be discouraged by the app.