Why are they losing weight?

The Juventus midfield duo are not the only players in the squad to be losing weight.

The Giallorossi have already announced that the new coach, Mario Balotelli, will lose around 25 kilograms, which is the equivalent of a two-and-a-half stone heavier than the players themselves.

The Italian giants are the first Italian club to be involved in a fitness program with the goal of reducing their weight by up to five kilograms.

According to a statement from the Juventus manager, Balotellos new regime is “a great improvement” on the previous one, when the Giallorian giants were carrying around 40 kilograms of weight.

He has also announced that there is a plan to reduce the number of days he spends out of shape by 10 per cent, with a goal of hitting 20 per cent by the end of this season.